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August 22, 2010 – 8:41 pm

The ultimate in lens cover technology.

I have started to take photogoraphy more seriously than a hobby and needed to upgrade my lens. I had this little 52mm lens cover that came with a cheap cleaning kit. I could unsnap and it was on a cord. That seemed like a good idea most of the time so I was suprised when I moved up to a 77mm filter size to find there was no choice in lens covers. None at all. All manufacturers make the same type of cover with the two side buttons and that’s it!

It would seem that higher end camera lenses would have options for fancy lens covers. What photographer worth his or her salt would not want a super fancy, neon enhanced, glow in the dark, gold trimmed, fur lined, flashing led lens cover? I know I sure did. But when I looked around, nothing…. a vast wasteland in the area of lens cover technology.

Fancy camera lens cover with tether

That is when inspiration struck. Not only could I make a lens cover that was better, I could make it… well better still. I always liked having my lens cover on a string so I did not have to hold it.

One time I was working a DP job and stuck the lens cover in my pocket. At the end fo the day, after I got home, the director called me and asked if I knew where the lens cover was. I had forgotten to put it back on and it was still in my pocket. 

The same problem happens with still cameras. You take the cap off and what do yo do with it? Hold it? Now you can’t balance the camera. Stick it in your pocket? Now it has lint on it plus you can easily forget to put it back. Stick it in the camera bag or lay it on a table? Then you lose it. But, when it hangs down from the camera, you never lose it, you never forget to put it back. The one draw back was that it sometimes flops into a down angle shot. No problem. I have a simple solution you can do at home.

 I took one of those retractable ID badge holders, a loop of black elastic, and a hot glue gun to modify my existing camera lens cover. I paid $1 for the badge holder including shipping on ebay and the same for the elastic. You can also get replacement lens covers on eBay if you do not want to hot glue your only cover. The badge holder had a belt clip, it broke off easily and I sanded it smooth. I hot glued the id retractor to my lens cover after scuffing both to rough the touching surfaces. I then wrapped the elastic around my lens(unstretched) and cut it so the ends were butted evenly together. Then I removed it and hot glued the ends together with 1/4 to 1/2 inch overlap. This gives just enough tension to hold it in place. Then snap the id holder loop around the elastic and slide it over your camera lens.

There you have it, the most technologically advanced lens cover ever made.

 Retractable lens cover












super fancy lens cover for photography

Here the lens cover is automatically retracted. You can pull it out and it will reach the end of any lens up to about 34 inches long. When you want it out of the way, just remove it from the end of the lens and let go, it snaps back to the position shown. Really fancy.


Try making yourself one like this and impress all the people at your photography club.


Below are links to the items I used on eBay. I know, I could have bought the elastic locally, but for $1 and to have it shipped to me, I just bought it on ebay, it was easier than driving across town.




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